CoHousing Cultures-Handbook for self-organized, community-oriented and sustainable housing

The“CoHousing Cultures” handbook, coordinated by id22 and assisted by Berlin´s Senate Department for Urban Development, has its roots in Berlin and will be published in September 2012 by Jovis publisher.

CoHousing Cultures: self-organized, community-oriented and sustainable. Integrating, non-speculative and open to the neighborhood. Innovative projects motivated by a search for ecological, affordable and socially designed homes. This book illustrates a colorful diversity of European examples including a cooperative’s barrier-free renovation of an old school in Berlin, collective housing for the 40+ generation in Stockholm and passive architecture planned by and for immigrants in Brussels.
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welcome to experimentcity

experimentcity was initiated in 2003 by id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability, emphasizing the development of a diversity of cooperative, environmental and affordable housing forms as an essential contribution to a culture of sustainable urban development.

experimentcity, through a networking of experts and activists, artists and creatives as well as researchers, administrators and business people – supports innovative urban and community development strategies – transforming rigid top-down approaches into democratic and participatory processes.

With project exhibitions (EXPERIMENTDAYS), Internet databases (WOHNPORTAL), publications and various events such as workshops, study visits (Creative Sustainability Tours), exhibitions or Wohnsalons, experimentcity communicates the potential of a culture of creative and participatory sustainable urban development.

Since 2010, experimentcity europe networks co-housing activists and experts at the European level supporting the exchange and transfer of locally-based experiences and knowledge.

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  Die EXPERIMENTDAYS 14 beschäftigen sich mit der Vielfalt verschiedener Lebens- und Wohnformen vor allem im Osten Berlins, zwischen dem längst angesagten Spreeraum mit dem Spreefeld-Gelände, und den inzwischen wieder entdeckten, noch weiter östlichen Stadtteilen. Dieses Jahr freuen wir uns, das internationale Kunstprojekt NINE URBAN BIOTOPES als Partner begrüßen zu dürfen!

05.09. Eröffnungstagung: Berlin gestaltet die […]


This year from the 6th to the 15th of September the EXPERIMENTDAYS presents a platform for community housing projects, ideas and actors dealing with creative sustainability: those who understand the city environment as theirs to help shape, design and manage.

In 2013 the EXPERIMENTDAYS are focusing mainly on the question of how self organized housing projects and urban gardens […]

experimentcity europe brochure

A diverse network of European co-housing and collaborative housing initiatives under the title of experimentcity europe was founded in the context of the EXPERIMENTDAYS 10 in Berlin in October 2010. A follow-up meeting took place in Milan in March 2011 to further develop the aims and projects of the platform. This brochure describes each […]