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excity europe | august 2010 – july 2011


Having started within the framework of the 2010 European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion, experimentcity explores questions of affordability and social inclusion, as well as political, social and economic conditions supportive to collaborative and innovative housing projects.

Furthermore, through the development of common tools and terms, the conference aims to advance an improved and ongoing exchange among European partners.


experimentcity addresses the following issues:

What are urban actors in each of the participating cities, such as policy-makers, researchers, developers and activists, doing to support a diversity of sustainable, non-speculative andaffordable housing projects? experimentcity will compare best practices and model strategies.


Specifically experimentcity asks about:

POLITICAL AND SOCIAL FRAMEWORKS: What political and social frameworks are necessary to enable collaborative housing projects, including a range of cooperative, ownership and rental models?

FINANCING: What forms of innovative financing and non-profit, non-speculative land and building ownership models are being developed?

LAND + REAL ESTATE: How are cities using their own land and buildings to support collaborative housing projects?

DIVERSITY: What efforts are being made to increase social inclusion especially concerning lower-income groups in collaborative housing projects?



experimentcity europe

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