excity europe – berlin event | program


We 27.10 Th 28.10 Fr 29.10 Sa 30.10 So 31.10
10:00 Introduction Project Exhibition
Study visit UfaFabrik Discussion Haus Schwarzenberg 1
11:00 Conclusions
13:00 Discussion ExRotaprint 1 Discussion Haus Schwarzenberg 2
14:00 Tours
Discussion ExRotaprint 2
17:00 Registration
International Conference
18:00 Film Night
19:00 Partner presentations



Wednesday | 27.10.10 (Invited guests only)

Arrival and introductions of international participants in Berlin
ufaFabrik: Viktoriastraße 10
17:00 Arrival and registration of international participants in Berlin.
19:00 – 21:00 Dinner and introductions of international participants and partners, followed by short films / picture slide shows (circa 10 minutes) presented by each participating city and initiative.

Thursday | 28.10.10 (Invited guests only)

Collaborative housing tours and discussions
ufaFabrik: Viktoriastraße 10
10:00 Presentation of program
10:30 Study visit of cultural – housing project ufaFabrik
ExRotaprint: Gottschedstraße 4
13:00 Discussion 1: Comparing best practices and model strategies

Dick Urban Vestbro, Kollektivhus NU, Stockholm, Sweden
Liat Rogel, Design and Innovation for Sustainability (DIS), INDACO, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Dorota Wlodarczyk, City of Gdynia, Poland

14:30 Lunch + Tour
15:30 Discussion 2: Local and international housing communications strategies, including online databases, publications, fairs and other events

Dr. Michael LaFond, id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability: experimentcity, Berlin
Constance Weiser, Gernot Tscherteu + Angelika Drescher
, Initiative für gemeinschaftliches Bauen und Wohnen, Vienna

Regenbogenfabrik: Lausitzer Str. 22
18:00 Tour of cultural – housing project RegenbogenFabrik

Dinner: RegenbogenFabrik Kantine

Short film night at housing – cultural project Regenbogenfabrik. Artistic, experimental and historical views of housing cultures.
Film Highlights: Whirr, The Otherside, Table Bed Chair, Rotation and much more

Friday | 29.10.10 (Open to public)

Haus Schwarzenberg: Rosenthaler Straße 39
10:30 Discussion 1: Collaborative culture, diversity and sustainable urban development

Irina Gadiuta
and Maria Draghici, laBOMBAstudios, Bucharest
Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin
12:00 Lunch
13:00 – 14:30 Discussion 2: Diversity and social inclusion in collaborative housing projects.

NetzwerkAgentur, Berlin

International Conference
Forum Factory: Besselstraße 14
17:30 Official opening of experimentcity International Conference and EXPERIMENTDAYS 10 Project Exhibition(Projektbörse).

Welcome by Maria Krautzberger, Permanent Secretary for Transport and Urban Planning, Berlin

17:40 Introduction of Exhibition, Conference, and EU perspective

Dr. Michael LaFond, id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability: experimentcity, Berlin
Anna Meroni, Design and Innovation for Sustainability (DIS), INDACO, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Moderation: Dan Borden, EXBERLINER, save berlin

Comparing Model-Cooperation-Strategies for sustainable, non-speculative and affordable, collaborative housing projects
18:00 Learning from European Cities

Reiner Nagel, Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin
Petra Hendrich, Initiative für gemeinschaftlisches Bauen und Wohnen, Vienna
Dick Urban Vestbro, Kollektivhus NU, Stockholm, Sweden

19:00 Discussion
19:30 Break
20:00 Learning from German Cities

Rolf Novy-Huy, Stiftung trias, Hattingen (Ruhr)
20:20 Learning from the Kiez – the Blumengroßmarkt case study

Florian Schmidt, Kreativquartier Südliche Friedrichstadt, Initiative Berliner Kunsthalle am Blumengroßmarkt

20:40 Discussion
21:00 Conclusions

Saturday | 30.10.10 (Open to public)

EXPERIMENTDAYS 10 Exhibition for collaborative housing projects
Forum Factory: Besselstraße 14
Representatives present their housing projects and show how their initiatives support diversity and the development of affordable, sustainable and innovative housing in urban neighborhoods.
10:00 – 21:00 Exhibition opening. Short presentations and posters of 25 best practice housing projects
Exhibition for collaborative housing projects
10:00 – 18:00 Representatives of each best practice project available for individual questions and discussion.
Children’s participatory art project “Wohn(t)räume” (House-Dreaming)
13:00 – 18:00 Short presentations by each of the 25 Berlin housing projects
Presentations and discussions of European model strategies
10:00 Comparing social and innovative collaborative housing approaches

Claire Savina
and Romain Minod, Jeudi Noir + Quatorze, Paris
Anna Meroni, DIS, INDACO, Politecnico di Milano, Milan
Min Jay Kang, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taipei
11:00 Strategies for real-estate and property ownership

Martin Large, Stroud Common Wealth, United Kingdom
Rolf Novy-Huy, Stiftung trias, Germany
Kerstin Kärnekull, Kollektivhus NU, Stockholm, Sweden

12:00 Finance models for cooperative housing projects (language: German)

Umwelt Bank
Stiftung Edith Maryon

18:00 – 21:00 Open Networking Party

Sunday | 31.10.10 (Invited guests only)

Study visit of housing projects
K9: Kinzigstraße. 9
11:00 – 14:00 Concluding discussions, Lunch at housing project K9.

Discussion topics: Evaluation, Next steps, future of experimentcity platform,

Milan follow-up meeting in March 2011

14:00 – 18:00 Tours of collaborative housing projects (Registration closed!)