milan event : 03|11

excity europe – milan event | 24-26 march 2011


The Second meeting of the network will take place in Milan, in the Politecnico di Milano. The meeting is Coordinated by DIS, Dipartimento INDACO, and will see the use of design and co-design tools to create a productive environment where the material and knowledge collected in the previous meeting can be creatively elaborated. In particular, workshops will be made to advance the development of a European movement supporting collaborative housing forms.

The following workshops will be held to go into detail on the most important issues:

  • a common lexicon, comparison and narration tools
  • communication strategies
  • networking, internet, databases. A European website and online platform
  • moderation and co-design tools
  • implementation strategies and dealing with municipalities
  • grants and fundraising. grant applications and common projects

The visitors in Milan will have the chance to visit three cases of collaborative housing in Milan. Casa Ecologica: the first ecological building in Milan, built through a habitants co-op. Urban Village Bovisa – the first co-housing in Milan, by cohousing ventures. Parco Paolo Pini : an ex psychiatric hospital transformed into a public-inclusive space.

Also, during the two days of meeting, local experts will be taking part in the meetings contributing from their knowledge and learning from the network.

Two public presentations are programmed to discuss bottom-up and top-down collaborative housing initiatives on the local and the European level. These meetings aim to open-up the topic of sustainable housing in the Milan area and in Italy. The first meeting will take place on 25/03 evening, and will be hosted by CCL (consorzio di Cooperative di abitazione). In this occasion European examples will serve to inspire a local discussion on the topic. The second meeting will take place in the fair FALACOSAGIUSTA (DO THE RIGHT THING – Exhibition of Critical Consuming and Sustainable Lifestyle). In this meeting a reach debate will be created between European and local partners to understand existing initiatives and future possibilities.