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The brochure contains a presentation of the project, of its initiators (project partners), of European co-housing model projects, a manifest – mission statement of the new European platform for co-housing, summaries of the Berlin and Milan events’ activities, a co-housing glossary and references (recommended publications and websites).

Language: English
Format: 36 pages, A4, color

An extract of the brochure can be read here: experimentcity europe

The brochure is available from Stiftung trias for €6.00 for orders from Germany and €10 from the rest of Europe.

Please send orders by email to with your address and the word “experimentcity”. Bank transfers can be made to account # : 103269600, BLZ 430 609 67.


The DVD contains the brochure as well as materials prepared by project partners for the Berlin and Milan events (presentations of their organisations, the history and current situation of co-housing in their cities, regions and countries as well as an overview of housing policies) and illustrative pictures.

The DVD is available from id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability e.V.

Please send orders by email to institute(at) with your address and the word “experimentcity”.


The website has supported the communication of the project, presenting the concept and program of the Berlin and Milan events, and offers a networking platform where the partners’ profiles, a collection of European co-housing model projects, a co-housing glossary and a discussion area are accessible.

The website continues to serve as an important communication tool for the project partners and the general public. It will continue to be updated and evolve to serve the needs of the platform in the future.